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Who is Mighway?

Labelled the ‘Airbnb’ of motorhomes, Mighway is a Tourism Holdings Limited (thl) brand, and is one of the country’s largest tourism operators. Mighway is currently New Zealand’s largest and fastest growing peer-to-peer motorhome rental service through thl, and is celebrating one year of operation since being launched in November 2015. Since then, Mighway has attracted more than 450 Kiwi motorhome owners and is currently signing up another 15 per week.

Mighway was launched by thl with the initiative for motorhome owners to capitalise on the booming tourism market to provide real value for guests, while being able to earn some extra income in a safe and supported way. Tourism Holdings Limited is New Zealand’s premier tourism company and is the largest provider of holiday vehicles for rent and sale in Australia and New Zealand under the MauiBritzMighty, KEA Australia and RV Supercentre brands. In the USA, thl own and operate the Road Bear RV Rentals and Sales and El Monte brand.

Service to suit your style

Mighway offers two levels of service to best suit your needs. Mighway Local provides all the tools you need for hassle-free renting while allowing you to be part of the story. Mighway Managed makes the experience even easier, with a team of experts taking care of the process from start to finish allowing you to generate a passive income. You also have the option for us to store your vehicle in one of Mighway’s central locations.

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With Mighway’s Local Service, you get all the tools you need for easy renting. We handle security, payment and safety concerns, so you enjoy the fun part – swapping stories, making friends and trading travel tips! Includes:


  • Full Insurance
  • Driver Vetting
  • Payment Processing
  • Managed Pricing (Optional)
  • Customer Support
  • Tools and Templates
  • RV Rewards and Discounts.


Sit back and let us take care of it all with the full Mighway Managed experience. As part of the THL network, you know your motorhome is being looked after. You receive all the benefits of Mighway Local, plus we:


  • Look after all customer interactions
  • Clean your RV after the rental
  • Carry out basic servicing checks
  • Take professional photos and create marketing copy
  • Manage pricing on your behalf to maximise returns

Renter Verification

All Mighway guests must register and verify their memberships. Because they're verified, you can trust your RV's in good hands and you get the final say on every booking.

Secure Payment

All payments are processed through our secure payment system and earnings are deposited directly into your bank account. There’s no need to handle cash or chase down payments.

Easy Earnings

Renting your RV out when you’re not on the road is a great way to offset your costs. We’ll help you manage your pricing to attract the best renters and maximise returns.

Comprehensive Insurance

 Mighway’s comprehensive insurance gives you peace of mind. Rest easy in the knowledge that incidents will be covered and all renters are fully insured.

Security Deposits

All renters authorize a bond to Mighway to cover any minor damage or insurance deductible.

Tips, Tools and Support

Mighway resources make it easy to market your RV, share tips and provide advice. As well as your tips, renters have our full support with 24/7 roadside assistance.

It’s been a really positive experience engaging with different guests. We often give them suggestions where to visit and where to stay. It’s a pleasure seeing them come back happy

- Paul & Catherine

Here's what our New Zealand Owners think

Meet Local Owners Kim and Chris

The feedback from our guests has been really positive. Guests feel really privileged to take our vehicle on the road. We always take the time to show them how everything operates and make sure the bus is in the best condition before handing it over. We find that guests really appreciate this and in return, respect the vehicle as their own." Kim and Chris love Mighway, and we think you will too.


Get to know Local Owners Paul & Catherine

"I think it’s always normal to feel a little anxious at first when listing your motorhome with Mighway. You’re are gonna feel a little on edge hiring your motorhome out to a stranger. But the best thing about Mighway Local is that you’re in full control of who you choose to hire your motorhome too. If you sign up with Mighway Managed, the team will ensure you’re in safe hands and will take care of everything on your behalf – so you have the best of both worlds!" Paul and Catherine love listing with Mighway, and we think you will too.

Let Ron tell you about how his RV collects cash, not dust.

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